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Matt’s Story (and our JDRF fundraising video)


Welcome to my blog…I called it Pancreas Interrupted because I am convinced that we will get Matt’s Pancreas working again…someday…I have to believe the research will bring it.  Matt was diagnosed in the summer of 2010.  When he was diagnosed i went through a classic grief cycle… Anger, denial bargaining, etc. I was determined to scour the research to find a cure. Right. Like all those really smart PhDs had missed something…. But i have identical twins. That must be the reason Matt got Diabetes. The answer must be in them! Hello? Reality? Have you found my mind? I seemed to have misplaced it temporarily!!

What is the point of my blog? Humor. I strive to create a place not of the latest research updates or how you can live a healthy , balanced life with diabetes, but a place of common insanity, a place where all you Type 1 mama bears out there can feel normal, a place to share all my crazy, irrational, but all incredibly love filled thoughts and actions and maybe, along the way, share a few laughs , a few cries and just celebrate the common bond of Type 1 Mama’s (and dad’s)..the one thing that gets me through most days…another parent of a kid with type 1 who gets it!!!
Check out this link below…it’s Matt’s story. Grab some tissues if you are a cryer like me…