Here is how it all began…


     Pancreas Interrupted?  What does that mean?!  It means our world was tuned upside down by a tiny little organ that decided it was tired of working so hard to keep my son alive.       It all started on a hot August morning…my 4 year old was having surgery…no big deal, tonsils and adnoids, but being a Mom, I fretted and worried all night before the day of her procedure…if only I had known that would be my last night of sleep, I would have taken some Benadryl and knocked my self out!  So the day came and went…she did great…a little stress here and there, but over all…easy, peasy.  That afternoon my husband took our 6 year old twin boys to the playground.  He noted that Matthew had to pee several times…over the next few days, we noticed he was peeing and drinking constantly, he was very tired and cranky and started wetting his bed several times a night…I was thinking UTI ( can you say DENIAL???!!!). So on Wednesday, after he literally peed 20 times and was so thirsty he was drinking out of faucets in the mall (yuck!)  I called the Pediatrician and told them I thought Matt had a UTI.  So Thurday morning he peed in a cup and next thing I knew, I was at the children’s hospital with my son, husband and my Dad.  Matt’s blood glucose was 512 ( not too bad) and he had 106 fever.  And I had become a pacreas overnight.

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  1. Thanks for taking the plunge and attempting to write about a topic that is close to my heart. It is a surreal journey at times managing what seems to be so variable, then instantly it all becomes too raw and real-but somehow we make the decisions, act when we think we cannot but must, process the anger and sorrow-and hopefully get a laugh in throughout-oh yeah and we count carbs, over and over again. I agree that it is the other Type 1 parents who bring me the most comfort.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Peggy shot me your information and I figured I’d check out the website. Our story starts about the same way. My one year old son started to pee through his diapers at night and the one’s he didn’t felt like footballs, drinking NON-STOP. We attributed it to him cutting 4 teeth and not eating solid foods and compensating by drinking more, A LOT MORE. Well all was said and done, he went into DKA while visiting family in Canada and was on his way into a coma when they got him the hospital. Thanksfully they took quick action and got him leveled out.

    We’re now educating ourselves and trying to get his levels normalized (if that’s what you want to call it). I think we are handling things quite well considering and my wife’s and my family have been a great support.

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