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Type 1 Mama turned Stalker


So My son is at Farm camp this week and I am his nurse : ) ( there is a nurse, but she doesn’t “do Diabetes”…LONG story!! see my previous post for that one!) Anyhow, Matt was dx almost 2 years ago and has slowly been taking more responsibility, I try to take his lead, because, I honestly don’t want him to do any of this daily grind of diabetes until he is ready, I figure, he is only 8 and has to do this forever, so anyhow,  at camp, I check him just before drop off, pop in for a lunch check and bolus and then before and after swimming and for last snack. I am on standby (in the parking lot) for emergencies…so yesterday, he asked if he could check himself before swim, I painfully said (with a smile) “of course” Told him if he was below 100 to have 15G uncovered.  Then I sat in the parking lot filled with anxiety…what if he decides not to check or forgets or he is 50 and only has 15G, what if the lifeguards don’t notice he is low and he wanders to the deep part of the pond, what if….etc, (I know most of you ladies get it!). So I walked to the pond thinking I would sneak to get his meter and check his number and eyeball him all without him seeing me…I really don’t want him to know I am checking up on him and have him think I don’t trust that he can do these things….so as I was standing, crouching down hiding in the woods a camp counselor approaches me and asks” can I help you?” which really translates into “hello crazy kidnapper like person…should I call the cops??” So I say  (brilliantly), “oh Hi, don’t worry, I am only stalking my own kid, he has diabetes ” she says “oh, okay.” and slowly walks away…I assume trying still to decide if she should call someone!  So I sneak down to the beach, and of course, my son’s counselor who has his meter is way down by the water next to my son..I can’t get to her without being seen, I am wishing I was a ninja, you know the type that can creep in and out of somewhere without being seen,( like I used to do the soldier crawl out of my kids rooms when they were babies, for fear they would see me and wake up!) But, the soldier crawl here on this beach will definitely end with me in an asylum!” So I sit next to another counselor and tell her the whole crazy story and she says ” Oh, I get it, my cousin is 10 and he has Type 1…my aunt is just as crazy as you!” Huh…did she just call me crazy to my face?  Yup, call it like you see it I always say! I am crazy and i will continue to be crazy to keep my babies safe!  By the way, his counselor saw me, and came over to say he did great. He was 96 and ate a 15g snack uncovered. You go Matt!!! Someday I will tell you I was a stalker mom!  But for now, I will just continue to stay in ninja mode ( and hope not to get arrested!!)


Nurse Cratchet


So, last year I sent my son to farm camp, the same camp he went to and loved, with his brother before his diagnosis. So last year we decided we can send him back to the same camp. So I called to inquire whether or not there was a nurse on staff, and yay! , big sigh of relief! there was!  So I called and in my friendly social worker way, told her about Matt and his desire to return to camp, asking how comfortable she was with having him attend camp…I expected and was willing to go to camp and train her on the pump, write an emergency plan, basically anything they needed…ENTER NURSE CRATCHET: she stopped me and said  ” I am sorry I don’t do diabetes.” HUH, WHAT?? What the fuck does that mean??? Okay, deep breath, I say, “excuse me?”.  and she says: he doesn’t belong at this camp unless he is independent with his diabetes, ummm…he is 7 and was dx less than a year ago, she says “he belongs with other diabetics He should go to diabetic camp” Really??? Did she just say that?? So I say, well, I will just come to camp and be his nurse, she says, “we don’t like parents hovering at camp, it’s not good for the children” Okay seriously, I could punch you right now. Then she goes on telling me I should separate the twins and I am doing my son a disservice by not making him be responsible for his diabetes. And I am thinking, ummm, hello? Mob? I would like to order two cinder blocks please!  SERIOUSLY WOMAN! Get off it! You don’t know a friggin thing about my family!!!!  SO I calmly say, okay, clearly we don’t see eye to eye over this, and I politely say goodbye and call the camp director who is sooooo nice. He says “whatever you need to do we will make it work. The counselors have had kids with diabetes before and can totally help. And you are more than welcome to be at camp to help your son have the best camp experience he can.” That’s better, but CRAP he disarmed me, I was ready to go ADA on his ass!! About nurse Cratchet he says ” ya, sorry, she is like that”  She must be his mother-in-law. Yes, I realize, clearly being a Type 1 mama is bringing out my inner lion…look out.

Birthday parties…ugh.

I had that moment yesterday that made me realize again how much Diabetes has changed our lives! We were at a b-day party at a waterpark, so of course after waiting 1/2 hour in line we are almost up when I hear “Mom, I feel low”. well crap. So down we go to the table and the meter…not low… 210. Crap again. So, back we go in line and I am thinking everyone should let him cut to the front, cuz it…’s not freakin fair! But we wait another 1/2 hour instead. Fast forward to donut cake (ugh). Matt is standing on the sand volleyball court, cake in hand when I see it begin to fall…it was like slow motion…and I am not thinking “oh no! My poor baby will be so sad when his cake hits the sand” I am thinking “F#@!, I already gave insulin for that cake!” So over comes Matt and says “I dropped my cake” me, “I know, let me get you another” Matt, “No, I don’t want it” ME, “Matt, you HAVE to eat donut cake!” Really?? I know you can all picture the look on other faces (mom’s and kids) and I am literally laughing as I force my child to eat cake…my how life has changed!!