Birthday parties…ugh.

I had that moment yesterday that made me realize again how much Diabetes has changed our lives! We were at a b-day party at a waterpark, so of course after waiting 1/2 hour in line we are almost up when I hear “Mom, I feel low”. well crap. So down we go to the table and the meter…not low… 210. Crap again. So, back we go in line and I am thinking everyone should let him cut to the front, cuz it…’s not freakin fair! But we wait another 1/2 hour instead. Fast forward to donut cake (ugh). Matt is standing on the sand volleyball court, cake in hand when I see it begin to fall…it was like slow motion…and I am not thinking “oh no! My poor baby will be so sad when his cake hits the sand” I am thinking “F#@!, I already gave insulin for that cake!” So over comes Matt and says “I dropped my cake” me, “I know, let me get you another” Matt, “No, I don’t want it” ME, “Matt, you HAVE to eat donut cake!” Really?? I know you can all picture the look on other faces (mom’s and kids) and I am literally laughing as I force my child to eat cake…my how life has changed!!

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