Nurse Cratchet


So, last year I sent my son to farm camp, the same camp he went to and loved, with his brother before his diagnosis. So last year we decided we can send him back to the same camp. So I called to inquire whether or not there was a nurse on staff, and yay! , big sigh of relief! there was!  So I called and in my friendly social worker way, told her about Matt and his desire to return to camp, asking how comfortable she was with having him attend camp…I expected and was willing to go to camp and train her on the pump, write an emergency plan, basically anything they needed…ENTER NURSE CRATCHET: she stopped me and said  ” I am sorry I don’t do diabetes.” HUH, WHAT?? What the fuck does that mean??? Okay, deep breath, I say, “excuse me?”.  and she says: he doesn’t belong at this camp unless he is independent with his diabetes, ummm…he is 7 and was dx less than a year ago, she says “he belongs with other diabetics He should go to diabetic camp” Really??? Did she just say that?? So I say, well, I will just come to camp and be his nurse, she says, “we don’t like parents hovering at camp, it’s not good for the children” Okay seriously, I could punch you right now. Then she goes on telling me I should separate the twins and I am doing my son a disservice by not making him be responsible for his diabetes. And I am thinking, ummm, hello? Mob? I would like to order two cinder blocks please!  SERIOUSLY WOMAN! Get off it! You don’t know a friggin thing about my family!!!!  SO I calmly say, okay, clearly we don’t see eye to eye over this, and I politely say goodbye and call the camp director who is sooooo nice. He says “whatever you need to do we will make it work. The counselors have had kids with diabetes before and can totally help. And you are more than welcome to be at camp to help your son have the best camp experience he can.” That’s better, but CRAP he disarmed me, I was ready to go ADA on his ass!! About nurse Cratchet he says ” ya, sorry, she is like that”  She must be his mother-in-law. Yes, I realize, clearly being a Type 1 mama is bringing out my inner lion…look out.

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