Ninja site changes


Seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up! If you are a type 1 mama, I am sure you either have experienced something similar or will eventually! It was the kind of thing I wanted to wake someone up for, just to prove it actually happened!

So here is how it went; we had some company, all four boys were sleeping in Matt’s room, 2 were under his bed and I had to move his ladder so they had room. I went in the room just before I was going to bed, around midnight.  I was trying so hard to be so super quiet as the boys Mom had told me they were really light sleepers. So of course, he was high and needed a correction, so I dial up his pod to give him insulin and it keeps beeping at me that it’s out of range. What the frig?  So I just keep moving it around trying to get it to connect, and each time it beeps LOUDLY.  Finally it connects and I can hear the pump vibrating, which makes no sense, so all of a sudden I realize it is sitting on the edge of the headboard, (giving the bed insulin mind you!) CRAP!  Now I have a choice, I can wake him up to give him  a new site and risk waking all the boys up, give him an injection or attempt a site change while he sleeps. Now, you have to understand that Matt is a VERY heavy sleeper. He sleeps through, shots and blood sugar checks…always has, he even eats tablets in his sleep when he is low.  So I go for option 3.   Now, picture this:  there I am, in the middle of the night, pod in hand, balancing on one foot on a toddler size wooden chair at the head of his loft bed, trying to unwrap him from his cocoon of blankets, pull his pants halfway down to expose his backside, swipe with alcohol and insert needle all without waking anyone up! The whole time, I am literally giggling at the ridiculousness of a midnight ninja site change wishing some one was here to see what we type 1 mamas can do!

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  1. This story is really cute 🙂 I am laughing hysterically in the office right now as I am reading your vivid description of that night in Matt’s room. You paint a really Awesome picture of your day-to-day. Very cute! Very Hilarious! And with your permission I would really like to share your website/stories 🙂


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