Who invited you, Diabetes???


Certainly not me! And I am guessing Matt would say, not him either!

I recently had a discussion with a friend and fellow Type 1 Mama about writing a list of what I hate about Diabetes. I would have to say that right at the top of that list is the uncanny ability diabetes has to ruin just about everything fun! I know, I know…I should “see the glass half  full”, “think of all the blessings diabetes has brought into our lives”, “think of how strong Matt will be” and (my personal favorite) “be thankful it’s not cancer”  and all of the other stupid things people say when they don’t know what else to say…WELL NO SHIT!!!!

But I am sorry, for this moment I am going to vent about what an unwelcome party guest Diabetes has been thus far! Numbers soar and then plummet with little or no warning and sites always seem to fail at birthday parties, camp, amusement parks, etc.  As type 1 moms and kids we have all become experts in crisis intervention and problem solving in a would be crisis. We are the MacGyvers of life with Type 1 Diabetes if you will! Doing things such as Ninja site changes or giving shots or site changes in dirty bathrooms and porta-potties, weighing and measuring food, counting carbs and sometimes GUESSING the carbs in cakes and ice cream, cotton candy and (God forbid) fried dough!

WHAT??? Your “diabetic” child shouldn’t be eating that should they? F-OFF.  Do you really think I would feed my kid this if it would harm him?? Really? Do you really think he should be deprived of all those signature childhood junk food icons just because his body decided one sultry August morning to attack itself??? UGH!  And NO you don’t know the answers…just like I don’t always get it right. So please STOP telling me how I can “fix” it all by feeding him right or multi-vitamins or some friggen fungus that grows on the shady side of a tree in East Zimbabwe!

Yes, we try to learn what causes our children’s blood glucose  to spike or go low, and we minimize or eliminate those things on most days, just like you try to make healthy choices for your kids. But remember, our kids don’t get to pig out because it’s vacation or gorge themselves on popcorn in a movie theatre without feeling like shit later if we as Moms and Dads aren’t diligent in checking and correcting, checking and correcting, checking and correcting…ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG, 24/7/365…NO EXCEPTIONS.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, that’s good. I feel better now 🙂

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  1. I Love it Kate! The title is Cute! It’s Funny, Entertaining, Clever and makes me what to read on and so here I go……..

    • Oh I left out the very most important part its insightful and educational to those who don’t have to go through what you and other moms are going through. Your my Hero! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with me and allowing me to walk a mile in your shoes 🙂


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