You can take our insulin-producing beta cells, but you will never take our spirit!!!!


So , I am sorry to start this way, but F-you Diabetes! Today marks 2 years since the day you invaded my little boy’s body. And man, what a ride! You stole my son’s carefree childhood, you stole his tender baby soft skin and left track marks on his butt, scar tissue on his stomach and arms and callouses on his fingers. You stole his dreams of being an astronaut and a pilot and his dream of being a Marine and fighting for his country on the front lines. You keep him up at night, you make him shake and have headaches and stomach aches, you give him ketones, you make him hungry and thirsty. You try everyday to take over. Some days it would be so easy to let you, to lay down and say, “Okay Diabetes, you win.” But from my son, you will never hear those words.  You try to take his spirit and his independence, but those you CANNOT have. You can drive him high and plummet him low, you can make us both angry, sad and tired at times, you can make us cry, but you CANNOT have his spirit. He will continue to be happy, and active and successful, I will never let you teach him that he cannot do anything he sets his mind to. You will NEVER stand in his way. You were strong enough to kill his pancreas, and you will try to kill his nerves, his eyes, his limbs, but you will not succeed. You cannot win. We are stronger than you. Some day in his life time and God willing in mine, we will KILL you, we will find a way to cure Diabetes. But even if that doesn’t happen, you still will not win. I will spend all of my time being diligent in his care, doing my best to keep his blood sugars in range, and I will laugh at you when he eats cake and cookies and when he plays soccer or football or goes through puberty because try as you may, YOU WILL NOT WIN, I will not let you beat him down. He is an amazingly strong little man, and already in just 2 years I have watched him in amazement as he takes you on, with a smile and an unbelievably strong spirit, so I say again, you may have taken his pancreas, but you will never take his spirit!

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  1. Wow- this made me feel good as well! Wish we all could take diabetes and beat the living shit out of it and show whos in charge! I copied and pasted this on my wall because it shows in a funny way what we as parents of diabetics feel on a daily basis. Your posts are giving me strength that I didnt know i had. Thank YOU!!!!

  2. Oh how I wish I could forget the day my son got diagnosed. But no…. I really have to say hands down all those type 1 kids really could teach the world a lesson. Look at what they have to go through every single day, how often are they allowed to just say “I’m Done”! Never, they don’t get that option, but yet they are still able to face almost every day with a smile on their face. My son is my hero 🙂

  3. I was so happy to run across your blog this morning. I am a mom of 19yo son who was diagnosed June 5th, 2012. While I recognize that my experience is so much different than that of mom’s of little kids, I can relate to so much of what you share. I am dumbfounded by some of the ridiculous things that people have said out of ignorance. I am so proud of my boy for the strength that he has shown. Thanks for sharing…it is what I needed right now.

    • So sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis, I can’t even imagine the stress of a teenaged diagnosis..the first year was so hard, but at least I had my son under my thumb still at age 6! Your son should be thankful I am not his Mom, I would totally be stalking him!!! I wish you both the best, so happy you found my blog!

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