Mama MacGyver


2 years ago, when Matt was diagnosed, I never would have thought I could do the things I do. I mean, back in the day, working as a paramedic, I could handle a fair amount of crises …but since then, life had been calm…my biggest crisis was getting my little one in her car seat in a reasonable period of time, or figuring out how to explain to a 2 year old girl how to “hover” in a port-a-potty so her clean little butt didn’t touch the nastiness that is a port-a-potty seat!  But last week I found myself in crisis again, and it all came back to me!  So, see if you can picture this: We leave it up to Matt whether or not he wants to “celebrate” or “commemorate” (or what ever other word you want to use) his diagnosis date. This year he wanted to go to a local brew pub (ya, that’s my boy!). So last Saturday, after getting all the kids haircuts, my husband suggested it was a good time to go. So off we went. Fast forward to the 6 of us sitting around the table, beer and sweet potato fries already ordered, when Matt says, “Mom, I think my site failed.” CRAP. So I look, and it is literally hanging out…catheter swinging in the breeze. It’s cool of course, because I have an extra site with me, we can change it the bathroom, then SHIT. I forgot to bring his insulin pen. Can’t put in a site without insulin, and he certainly can’t eat wings and fries and pink lemonade.  So, now, we have 2 choices:

         1. we go home and disappoint my son who deserves this day more than anyone I know, or

         2. I can pull a MacGyver and use a syringe to pull the insulin from his old site and inject it into him so he can eat.    

But he wears an Omnipod (or a tubeless pump) the insulin is encapsulated inside the pod. So (here is the MacGyver part)  I use a butter knife to pop open the pod, and have to get the needle is on an angle to get some insulin out, count the carbs, do the math and give my son an injection (yes at the table). we got some strange looks from our waitress, But boy did that beer taste good and Matt got his day with his family and his wings and sweet potato fries…Mom -1 Diabetes -0 !!! take that!!!


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