I was thinking…


What would it be like to have one day where we just say what is on our minds? Regardless of what is expected or socially acceptable?  I mean if we can have “national speak like a pirate day” what the hell, why not “say whatever the hell you are thinking day“?? Last January I seriously considered for my New Year’s resolution posting for my Facebook status all my self defeating, negative, socially unacceptable behaviors, you know in response to all those idiots who post their work outs ( no offense, some of those people are people I love very much, but it still pisses me off). My initial post would be “In an effort to assist all my facebook friends who get an ego-boost out of letting the rest of us facebookies know that they ate a healthy breakfast of raw eggs and tree bark and then ran 12 miles all before 6am, I will from here on out (or until everyone un-friends me) post all of my self-defeating negative behaviors and dietary choices” There after it would be posts like, “after sleeping for two, 3 hour bouts last night I woke up barely in time to make the kids poptarts and throw them on the bus without brushing their hair or teeth” and “this morning I ate  a power breakfast of  mostly raw brownies and 4 cups of coffee“.  Then I would go out to the bus in my ugly fleece robe (okay, I do that anyway) and tell the bus driver that he is a cranky old idiot who has no right working with children.

Imagine the look on people’s face when they say “How is Matt feeling? Is he stable yet?” when I would say ” Actually, we are great, he is now up to 7500 blood sugar checks in just 2 years and his high for today was 416 and the low was 37. Oh and I pricked his finger 4 times last night while he was sleeping because twice there was not enough blood for the damn strip and I could barely see because I haven’t slept more that 3 hours at a time in 2 years“.  Or when the register girl at Walmart says “How are you? ” and I say, “Well, shitty considering I had to explain to my 4-year-old for the 75th time, that Matt’s Diabetes will never go away, and that until we find a cure, which the FDA will probably delay anyway, her big brother will have to wear a pump and get insulin and check his blood sugar for the rest of his life.”

Or, How about when you are sitting at a playground with a bunch of new mom’s and one is complaining about how Johnny has to get his flu shot tomorrow and how much she hates needles and how it makes her sick to see them? Come on admit it, wouldn’t it be fun to make your type 1 kid eat a snack just so you could pull out the syringe right there in front of her, hold it up, tap the air out and plunge it into your kids bicep??

Okay, okay…maybe I am being a bit harsh, but come on, admit that it would be fun to look “that” person right in the eye and tell them to “SHUT THE HELL UP!”

Maybe I will call Hallmark…we can make it a national holiday!

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  1. Amen to this! I would love to be able to talk freely to some people. And yes, I agree that pulling out the syringes at that time would be totally worth it! But then I’m slightly demented!

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