The late night Blanket Cocoon…


Seriously I have to laugh every night when I go to check blood sugar and see my child wrapped up like a friggen mummy in his blanket!  I have several techniques for finding a hand, but sometimes when he is low, he gets super human strength, and he pulls his hand away and wraps up tighter! He actually lies on his comforter and wraps himself up in the fetal position usually with both hands clasped between his knees! And it cracks me up because I look over at his twin in his bed and he is laying flat-out, half-naked blankets barely covering his feet…it would be so easy to check his BG!

Last night it took 4…yes FOUR tries to actually get blood from him!  I pulled the hand from under his cheek, wiped off drool, click…not enough blood. Crap. By the time my weary eyes focused enough out of the glare of the flashlight in my mouth (I am also drooling by this point) to get a new strip in the meter, he has moved, wrapped up again, this time both hands between his thighs…so I try to wrestle his super-human strength to get one hand out so I can see and prick it to get…crap, he pulled away, no blood. Hands back crushed between his knees. Okay, fine. Game on boy. I decide to go in from the bottom. I uncover his feet and can just see the tips of his fingers, I try to get into his cocoon and I finally get a…yes! Blood. But shit…it took me so long to get in here, the meter timed out. FINE. Okay, new strip again. And of course, he has now turned again, wrapping even tighter in his blanket. So this time, I get in the bed, straddled over him, lancer in hand, flashlight in mouth…get a finger, click. Finally got blood…blood sugar in range…. Phew. At least I don’t have to do this again (until tomorrow night)!

I  seriously thank God he didn’t wake up to find a crazed, bed-head ridden, sleep-deprived, drooling  maniac with a lancer and a glaring flashlight straddled  above him at 2am…those are the things nightmares are made of…maybe I will just put a therapist on retainer now…chances are either him or I will need it someday!!

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  1. Too funny. Luckily my son wakes up most nights for a drink (he’s only 15 months) so I test him then. He’s often low so I’m thankful he still wakes up regularly. My wife isn’t as happy about him waking up : )

    If he doesn’t get up and I go check him I can usually his a toe and he won’t even wake up. I know the reading isn’t usually as accurate but it’s close enough for me if he’ll keep sleeping through the night.

    What do you have handy in case he’s low? We typically give him a juice box with about 20 grams of carbs or one of those apple sauce packets (sometimes both).

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for your comment Paul! I can’t even imagine the stories you and your wife have to tell with a 15 month old! I give Matty tablets, we have tried juice and other stuff, but it always ended up spilling! I always thought someone should invent glucose strips…you know like the listorine ones?? They would just melt on thier tongues….

      • Glucose strips would be AWESOME! We’re lucky that Braden still drinks from a bottle so I just give him the juicer in there and change him and test him.

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