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Any Type 1 Parent’s greatest Fear…


I have taken a break from my blog over the last few months as my son has stopped feeling his lows, and we have started a journey to get him a diabetic alert dog, so between never sleeping as to diligently test him throughout the night for fear that he will not wake up from a low and trying to plan fundraisers, there has just been so little extra time! But this is a blog that I want to share, not only to help those of you who don’t live with Type 1 to understand my greatest fear, but also to educate those of you who do live with Type 1 on the importance of being prepared, and to you, my EMS friends, to please educate yourselves and others you work with about the importance of emergency LIFESAVING treatment for Type 1 Diabetes! Get your tissues…this is a tough one to get through! This little girls, friend, her mom and her dog saved her life that night…She is an amazing young lady with an unfathomable drive and desire to just dance, literally and figuratively! What an inspiration! As I have said before…Diabetes WILL NOT WIN, it cannot keep our babies down…they possess a strength in them that most people will never experience, it is such a gift to watch these kids live their lives with such a passion that only those who have looked death in the eye and said “back off. I am not done yet!” can possess. I can only hope that Matthew’s dog will never have to do this, but I am so grateful that we have been blessed with the support we have to help us get his D.A.D., that if this ever happens to Matt, he will have his furry guardian angel by his side!


I am going to just write…I can’t edit right now, I just need to write and get it out there for now.  so please excuse the mess…Editing will come at a later date.  For now, just to get through, I must just write and let it be…my darkest fear, and worst reality just came full circle.  i am sharing a very sensitive part of my life, in hopes to at least reach one person who needs to read this.  This is me…raw.

The single worst moment of my life.  It’s easy.  I can pin-point that moment down to the day, hour, even.  I have thought and thought and thought about this moment this past week, images ingrained on my brain now and they continue to flash across my eyes at any given moment of the day taking me by surprise…holding me prisoner at the same time.  I have sat down…

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