I started to journal just after my six year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in August of 2010. My brother talked me into publishing my journaling as a blog and so Pancreas Interrupted was born. This is my feeble attempt to bring some stress relief to other parents of kids with Type 1. Basically, this a journal of how our lives were turned upside down and inside out the day Matt was diagnosed, but also a sort of journal of the good the bad and the ugly days of a life with Type 1. Through this blog you will find my disdain for those damn beta-cell killing son of a bitch auto-immune monsters! Be fore-warned, my sense of humor is sick, i have a potty mouth at times, and as for a filter… I have none! So sit, back relax, and embark on this wild ride with me..you may laugh, you may cry, but my hope is that in the end you will know that you are not alone. Diabetes sucks ass ….but it is part of the fabric of our lives, and so we weave it in, some days it is seamless, and some days it busts holes right through us, but in the end if we come out stronger, smarter, or what ever it is we gain from this…well, then it’s all good.


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